At Home Massage

At Home Massage

The Flexgun Mini Is the PERFECT At Home Massage Device!

According to a report published by the U.S. Library of Medicine, anywhere from 60% to 85% of Americans will report experiences with back pain at some point in their lives. While this is a common enough statistic, it points to one glaring issue: we've grown accustomed to tolerating pain that we don't need to.

Here at Flex Gun, we are focused on engineering pain relief solutions crafted by our qualified physiotherapist and co-founder. With a focus on biotech that improves your recovery time while reducing your painful symptoms, our products can serve to provide the at home massage and physical therapy that you need.

Let's introduce you to the Flexgun Mini and the world of deep tissue massage in the palm of your hands.

Flexgun Mini: The Only Tissue Massage Device You Need

At FlexGun, we believe that to live your best life, you must first address how you feel. If you struggle with chronic aches and pains as well as mobility issues, you can find tangible relief through our deep tissue massage device. The Flexgun Mini is an all-in-one tissue massage device that comes with the following attachments:
  • 4 Mini-Massage Heads (Round Head, Fork Head, Bullet Head, Flat Head)
  • USB-c Charging Cable
  • Hard-Shell Travel Case With Metal Zipper
The Flexgun Mini Massage Gun operates on something known as percussive therapy. Also known as percussion therapy, the Flexgun Mini sends targeted, rapid bursts of pressure into the tissue of the body where muscle tension and chronic pain is impacting your life. Percussion therapy works by stimulating blood flow while decreasing that deep and painful tension that can manifest within your muscles.

How To Use Your Flex Gun Mini Tissue Massage Device

Now that we've spent some time discussing the Flexgun Mini as well as its powerful attachments, we can begin focusing on where and when you should use the device to optimise your performance while decreasing your recovery time.

As no two people live within the same routine, much less the same fitness program, it is important to understand that the Flexgun Mini is a powerful and flexible device. You can utilise your Flexgun Mini as a post-workout pain-relieving device. You can also incorporate your Flexgun Mini into your workout routine, using the device between sets or immediately upon completion of your workout.

In addition to providing tangible post-workout relief and muscle recovery benefits, the Flexgun Mini can also help to prevent aches and pains, to begin with. Merely use your Flexgun Mini on the muscles that give you the most trouble before your workout to enjoy dramatically reduced tension and soreness during your recovery phase.

Take control of your body today and begin to live your best life! Contact our team at Flex Gun to learn more!
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