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Welcome to the FlexGun Free Resources page, where we are committed to empowering your health and fitness journey with valuable information and guidance. Our team of experts work tirelessly to develop and curate insightful guides, practical tips, and essential tools designed to help you recover faster, move  better and feel stronger.

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Correct Posture guide

Posture Perfect

Master the art of perfect posture with 12 expert-designed exercises for lasting relief!

Unlock the secret to a pain-free life by downloading our exclusive Posture Perfect guide, featuring 12 targeted exercises crafted by our in-house physiotherapist to help you fix your posture and eliminate neck pain.

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How to back pain relief

How to Conquer Back Pain

Experience the ultimate relief for back pain with 12 expert-designed exercises!

Say goodbye to persistent back pain by downloading our exclusive How to Conquer Back Pain guide, packed with 12 expert-recommended exercises that target and eliminate discomfort

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How to eliminate knee pain - Flexgun

14 Exercises to Ultimate Knee Pain Relief

Discover the power of these 14 physio-approved exercises in this eBook, which are aimed at enhancing knee mobility and flexibility. Experience quick relief and long-term improvement for your knees through these simple yet effective exercises.

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