Our Story – FlexGun Percussive Therapy


Our Story

Helping you recover faster so you can feel stronger and move better.

We believe that in order to live your best life it all starts how you feel. How you feel also depends on how well you look after your body. We've combined our knowledge and experience  in physiotherapy and product design to give provide you with products that support your everyday goals and activities. 

Our mission is brought to life by our two childhood best friends Aba and Abe.

Aba is a qualified and practicing physiotherapist with 10 years industry experience. His love for helping people help themselves become fitter, stronger and feel amazing has led him to always question if there are better ways to help support his clients.  

Abe is all about design and customer experience. He is passionate about understanding people needs and desires and creating or finding solutions to those problems. His also extremely passionate about health and fitness.  

Combine these two powerhouse of knowledge and energy and you are welcomed to the Flexgun community. A community that is driven by its founders who are passionate to help and nurture their customers to achieving greatness in their daily lives.