Compact Percussion Therapy

Compact Percussion Therapy

Compact Percussion Therapy: How the Flexgun Mini Is Changing Workout Recovery Routines!


When it comes time to address chronic pain, muscle aches, and muscle stiffness, what do you do? Most of us will reach for a pain reliever and some Epsom salt, hoping that a hot soak can take away these chronic issues. While there are a variety of methods to be explored when treating muscle soreness, few are as effective as the Flexgun Mini.

The Flexgun Mini is a compact percussion therapy device developed by our team at Flex Gun. We were founded by a qualified physiotherapist who has a passion for giving people the tools they need to live their best light. If you are not familiar with percussion therapy or a percussion therapy treatment device, we can clarify some of your questions with a brief breakdown.

Why Try The Flexgun Mini?

The Flexgun Mini is a lightweight massage gun that operates on compact percussion therapy. This device is handheld and charges via a USB-c charging cable. With four attachments and a travel case included, customers who try the Flexgun Mini will enjoy 16 hours of battery life on standby and 5 hours of battery life on the highest setting available.

The Flexgun Mini is smaller than an iPhone 10 and features the following mini-massage head attachments:
  • Round Head - Ideal for use across the body, this is THE go-to attachment for the average massage.
  • Fork Head - Great for targeting your spine, this is the ideal massage head for back pain, calf pain, and Achilles pain.
  • Bullet Head - The Bullet Head was designed for pinpoint muscle treatment. Target specific muscles with this recovery tool, including areas such as your hands and feet.
  • Flat Head - The Flat Head was designed to provide a dense and fruitful deep-tissue massage to the areas of your body that need it. Ideal for pecs, quads, and glutes, you won't want this massage head too far from your Flexgun Mini.


Enjoy Compact Percussion Therapy With the Flexgun Mini

Routine use of the Flexgun Mini is ideal for improving warm up routines as well as muscle recovery. The Mini improves your blood flow while decreasing lactic acid, providing your body with the boost it needs to get through the workout in front of you. Whether you are using this product for rehabilitating or as an additional piece of your fitness routine, you will be blown away by the way this device can make you feel.

Flex Gun is owned and operated by a highly-qualified physiotherapist with a passion for percussive therapy treatment. When it comes time to treat chronic aches and pains as well as tension, compact percussion therapy treatment can provide the boost that you need to feel better.

As we always say at Flex Gun, to live your best life you must start with how your body feels. Try out the Flexgun Mini today to bring percussion therapy treatment to your home!

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