Workout Recovery

Workout Recovery

Where Can I Find Affordable Percussion Therapy For Post Workout Recovery?

Percussion therapy seeks to bridge the gap between relieving muscle tightness and reducing physical stress that has been placed on our bones and joints. Whether you are looking to improve your post workout pain relief or you simply want affordable percussion therapy, there is only one team that can help you out, Flex Gun!

Here at Flex Gun, we created the Flexgun Mini in collaboration with our co-founded and qualified physiotherapist. Built around affordable percussion therapy, this affordable workout recovery device can fit in the palm of your hand while offering enormous pain relief in a tiny package.

Are you looking for workout recovery tools you can trust? Let's see how our team at Flex Gun can help!

Evolve Your Post-Workout With Affordable Percussion Therapy

We've introduced you to the concept of percussive massage therapy. We've even introduced you to our flagship product, the Flexgun Mini. With all of this information, you are probably wondering just WHAT to expect from our handheld massage therapy device. That's a fair question so you deserve a full answer.

The Flexgun Mini is a compact, lightweight, and powerful miniature massage device that fits comfortably into the palm of your hand. Slightly smaller than an iPhone 10, this powerful percussive therapeutic device features four different mini-massage heads that each contributes toward specific aspects of your workout recovery and workout pain relief.

  1. Round Head - Ideal for general use, this miniature massage head is ideal for most general post-workout sessions.

  2. Fork Head - Great for targeting areas along your spine, the Fork Head is perfect for those hard-to-reach aches and pains. We've also found great success using this massage head on our forearms and along our Achilles.

  3. Bullet Head - When you need pinpoint muscle ache relief, the Bullet Head is the only massage head you want to grab. Perfect for smaller muscles and muscle groups, we've used this massage head with success on our hands and feet.

  4. Flat Head - Rounding out the massage head attachments is the Flat Head, a multi-purpose deep-tissue massage attachment for your pecs, quads, and glutes.


Each Flexgun Mini purchase also comes with a charging cable and travel case. A full battery charge will last for 16 hours on standby and 5 hours when used to depletion.

Embrace Your Health With A Percussion Therapy Device

As an all-in-one percussive therapy device, the Flexgun Mini seeks to change the way you approach your relationship with post-workout pain relief. If you've grown to accept the various aches and pains that come about as a result of physical exertion, you might be giving up too quickly. The Flexgun Mini can provide tangible results to many individuals who have long since given up on ache and pain relief.

If you want to change the way you approach your muscle pains, let our team at Flex Gun help you out. Our products are made to last with features that cannot be surpassed. The Flexgun Mini is great for sports training, rehabilitation, and treating common aches, pains, and injuries.


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