Shoulder Pain Relief

Shoulder Pain Relief

Enjoy Targeted Shoulder Pain Relief with the Flexgun Mini!

It can be hard to live life fully when we feel like our aches and pains are holding us back. Whether we are looking for back pain relief or we simply need help to relieve muscle tension in the neck and shoulders, it is important to have the proper tools for the job. After all, if you are going to invest in anything -- invest in what makes you FEEL and LIVE better!

The Flexgun Mini was designed by our team at Flex Gun to be your source for mobile shoulder pain relief. Built to relieve muscle tension in the neck and shoulders, the Flexgun Mini is a compact percussion therapy device that stimulates blood flow while reducing lactic acid. In doing so, the Flexgun Mini can help to decrease muscle stiffness and soreness while improving your range of motion.

While the Flexgun Mini is great for therapeutic uses, we also love utilising the product as part and parcel of our fitness routine. The Flexgun Mini is smaller than an iPhone 10 but it comes with four Flexgun Mini Massage Heads, a USB-c Charging Cable, and a handy travel case. With multiple speeds and targeted pain relief, why haven't you snatched up a Flexgun Mini, yet?

Pain Relief In A Travel Case!

Flex Gun was established to provide our clients with the tools that they need to live life the way that they deserve. You can't wake up and seize the day if you feel like aches and pains are holding you back. Our company was founded by a qualified physiotherapist who is dedicated to sharing his passion for body and shoulder pain relief and fitness improvement through a series of biotech products.

When it comes time to improve your mobility while reducing pain, we hope you reach for your Flexgun Mini. Contact our team today to discuss any questions that you may have regarding how to relieve muscle tension in your neck and shoulders with your Flexgun Mini!

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