Intense Workout Recovery

Intense Workout Recovery

Looking For a Portable Massage Device For Intense Workout Recovery? Flex Gun Can Help!

After a heavy workout or a long day on your feet, sore muscles can quickly get you down. When dealing with muscle stiffness, most people want to know what helps sore muscles fast and pain-free. Today, we are going to be introducing you to the Flexgun Mini, an intense workout recovery and portable massage device built for easy at-home use!

Percussive Therapy and the Flexgun Mini

Here at Flex Gun, we believe that we cannot live life fully until we feel at our absolute best. How you feel depends quite frankly on how well you take care of your body. To take control of your intense workout recovery routine, consider grabbing one of the best portable massage device products on the market, the Flexgun Mini.

The Flexgun Mini is a percussive therapy portable massage device that provides targeted pain relief to your muscles. Smaller than an iPhone 10 and easier to use, you can quickly deploy the Flexgun Mini during your intense workout recovery. Equipped with four different mini-massage heads, you can customize your massage experience until you find what works for you. Included in your Flexgun Mini package you will find the following items.

  1. Flexgun Mini Massage Heads - The Flexgun Mini comes with four mini-massage heads to provide tailored relief to the muscles that you want to target. Each set includes a Round Head for general use, a Fork Head for targeted areas on your back, a Bullet Head for treating smaller muscles, and a Flat Head for providing a dense deep tissue massage.

  2. Travel Accessories - Included in your Flexgun Mini purchase, you will find a USB-c charging cable to support more than 16 hours of standby battery life. You will also find a hard-shell travel case to keep your Flexgun Mini and its various attachments safe and concentrated in one area.

If you have never used a device like the Flexgun Mini, you might wonder as to what helps sore muscles fast and effectively through the device. The answer, simply put, is percussive therapy. Percussion therapy is focused on providing rapid bursts of pressure that are targeted at the parts of your body that require pain relief.

Percussion therapy provides many tangible benefits to those that regularly pursue the treatment method. Percussion therapy through the Flexgun Mini can lead to the following benefits.

  • Increase Blood Flow For Quicker Warmups

  • Decrease Muscle Recovery Time

  • Improve Mobility and Muscle Stiffness

  • Decrease Lactic Acid


Flex Gun: Muscle Relief You Can Believe In

If you are ready to seize the day and to start living your best life, pick up your Flexgun Mini to keep you company. We founded our company in conjunction with a qualified physiotherapist and our products are based on providing targeted relief that works.

Try our Flexgun mini today risk-free for 30 days.
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